GPI (formerly GameProgIta) was a rather active community of Italian game developers.
Currently, this page has the following objectives:
  • to provide the list and map of italian video game development companies;
  • to provide pointers to the most active communities of Italian developers on the web.

  • If you have a video game company and you want it to be included in this list,
    feel free to contact me (davide.barbieri at
    I'm currently accepting any registered video games development company, even outside Italy:
  • whose shares are at least 50% owned by Italians (that is, born or residing in Italy);
  • which released or is currently developing a videogame for the consumer market;
  • has its own logo and website.
  • Acknowledgments
    Francesco Liotta - Logos, Metadata and Additional Companies
    La Gilda - Additional Companies
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