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   Daedalus Dungeon Generator

Pubblicato da Luca Eberhart il 2014-01-24 14:37:20
Categoria: app
Tags: Unity, c#, dungeon, unity plugin

Daedalus 1.0.0

Unity and Unity Pro compatible

Now with FULL 3D generation! Create mazes, dungeons, towers and multi-floor buildings with ease!

Different high-quality Art Assets included!

Links: Web|Docs|Q&A|Videos

Daedalus is a random maze and dungeongenerator add-on for Unity3D. Its purpose is to give game developers a different and quick wayof creating game levels, adding a little bit of randomness to them.

Daedalus creates tile-based maps and can be used both in Unity Editor, to generate game levels for later editing, and in runtime applications, to randomly create levels while playing.

Daedalus works both in 3D and 2D (support for Unity 2D and 2DToolKit by Unikron is included)

Daedalus is different from all other dungeon generators because it allows full customization of every single feature of a game level: you can randomize every single column, wall, floor, ceiling, door, etc., and it is packed with a plethora of parameters and options.

Current features list:

• Multi-Floor (Full 3D Generation!)
• Directional tiles
• Editor generation
• Runtime generation
• Seed-based generation
• Thorough documentation
• Full source code included
• Default Art Assets included (2D and 3D)
• Visual Debugger
• 2D/3D Tile Maps
• Unity 2D and 2DToolKit support
• 2 different generation algorithms
• Non-linearity percentage value
• Sparseness percentage value
• Dead-ends percentage value
• Min/Max number of rooms in a map
• Min/Max room width/length
• Doors density percentage
• Spawn player
• Create entrance/exit
• Save/Load maps as Prefabs
• Map orientation plane (XY, XZ, YZ)
• Tile variations (randomize each feature)
• Variation weights
• Tiles rotations
• Static batching (Unity Pro only)

Daedalus is still under development and there will be more features in next releases!


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